Sport and adventure

Sport ed Avventura

Getting to know the local nature with its winds, waves, weather or simply the breeze, is not only a fascinating experience, but it makes our guests appreciate the lake from a unique, captivating point of view.

At Parco del Lago, travellers can enjoy the lake in all its marvels: have you ever experienced flying on water using only the wind? If your answer is no, we suggest you to contact our expert trainer that will pass down to you his passion for water-based sports and, in a few sessions, teach you the basics to become familiar with the board or to improve your technique.

For those of you who want to know how it feels to be transported by the wind, our qualified trainers will guide you on sailing boat day-trips to discover the inlets of one of the most fascinating volcanic lakes in the Mediterranean.

But that is not it. You can hike on dirt roads in woods, by orchards, on mountaintops, along the Tiber River, on your private bike lane, silently. This is truly a non-conventional way to discover and conquer nature: not to dominate it, but to enjoy it and let yourself be transformed by it.
In Latium you can also enjoy the adrenaline of mountain bike downhill rides. Trust in our guides and expert trainers. You can bring your equipment or rent it here. Either way, those who want movement, sweat and strong emotions will find every possible option here.